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Audio/Visual Media

Are you looking for a place to use your gifts? Contact Greg Hoffman or sign up below to get more information on how to join our production team.

These are the areas you can serve (No Experience Necessary):

*   Audio FOH - You'll be trained to run front of house sound for modern and
    classic services 

*   Lighting & Live-stream - You'll be trained to run stage lighting as well shown
    how to record and live-stream our Sunday morning services.

*   Media - You will be trained to run Mediashout, including worship lyrics and
    sermon graphics.

You can sign up here for more information:

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Phone Number

Email Address

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 Video Camera

 Media Shout



3005 TX-150 Loop P.O. Box 340 Bastrop, TX 78602 512.303.1697


9:00 am ~ Classic

10:15 am ~ Modern

11:30 am ~ Modern

11:30 am ~ Spanish